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About Us

Applied Surfaces Corporation has roots that go back to the 1970's when Brad Higgins started working a part time job remediating concrete floors in

old New England mill buildings. Taught by "the old timers," Brad took to trowel work as he perfected the techniques of true craftsmen of the time. Brad soon began to explore and refine new material technologies, applying them to large commercial applications.

In 2014, Brad joined forces with Tom Schroeder, a seasoned Manufacturing and Process Development Engineer with decades of industrial coating experience. Together, they started Applied Surfaces Corporation; a company dedicated to serving both Masonary Tradesmen as well as Commercial Painters with unique products that solve old problems in an economical and elegant way.

"In a world full of ugly concrete, now there is Monostone." From the chill, freeze and thaw of New England streets to the heat and humidity of Florida's walls and walkways, Monostone is engineered for ease of application while maintaining toughness and enduring beauty.

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